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Self-segregation: how a personalized world is dividing Americans

It’s a fact: while Americans have countless tools with which to connect with one another, we are also watching fragmentation, polarization, and…
Brandon Klein Feb 20, 2017


Champion the Dialogue you envision. For your company • For your clients • For your members Here's Why Convetit Works: Busy people make time when it's…
Brandon Klein Dec 15, 2015

Code42 - behavior analysis

Thanks to huge advances in the study of decision-making and behavior, we now understand people better than ever. Why do we do what we do? What drives…
Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2014

Nicholas Christakis

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Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2014

Social DIY Toolkit exercises for Social Entrepeneurs

Brandon Klein Jul 21, 2014

Dunbar's number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dunbar's number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are…
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2013

Moot | Forums and commenting re-imagined

In the early days of internet the bulletin boards were rife with debate and conversation. Interactions were meaningful and the discussions had…
Brandon Klein Apr 08, 2013


GroupMe WhatsApp - but better and faster. Fun version of
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2013


Turn Chaos into Clarity See the real-time conversation flow on Twitter and Facebook to capture peak audience attention for your messages
Brandon Klein Aug 13, 2011

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simple conversations about topics
Brandon Klein Aug 04, 2011