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Empire Avenue | Build Your Empire

Empire Avenue is a game platform where you earn virtual currency for being social -- the more social you are, the more virtual currency you will earn…
Brandon Klein May 25, 2011

Be The Curator of Your Favorite Topic! |

easily publish magazines
Brandon Klein May 24, 2011

Reverse Mentoring Cracks Workplace -

an effort to school senior executives in technology, social media and the latest workplace trends, many businesses are pairing upper management with…
Brandon Klein May 24, 2011

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform

Understand your networks.
Brandon Klein May 23, 2011

As the current of social media flows through our personal lives on the internet, companies have not taken notice they've become involved. By using…
Brandon Klein May 09, 2011

Employee Background Screening | Employee Hiring Tool | Employee Verifications

Using social media for pre-employment background screening is a double-edged sword, a benefit that can also be a liability. Social Intelligence℠…
Brandon Klein May 07, 2011

7 Twitter Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

Here are seven successful Twitter marketing campaigns from American Airlines, Network Solutions, UNICEF India, IBM, USA for UNHCR, McDonald’s Canada…
Brandon Klein May 07, 2011

Socialeyes - Video conversations with your friends and with people who share you...

SocialEyes is a social video service that allows you to connect with friends and meet new people.
Brandon Klein Apr 26, 2011

Addictomatic: Inhale the Web

create a real time web page on any topic - similar to
Brandon Klein Apr 21, 2011

SnapEngage - Flowtown integration

SnapEngage Live chat helps you sell better and help your customer fasters.
Brandon Klein Apr 14, 2011