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DataSift | Powering the Social Economy

Harness The Power Of Social Data Social Data represents the voice of your customers, the activities of your competitors and the preferences of the…
Brandon Klein Dec 03, 2013

Collaboration Software | Deskarma | Motivating Knowledge Sharing within the Enterprise

    Profiling - Find people within your organization through profiles; including contact details, photo and short bio. See a history of staff…
Brandon Klein Feb 12, 2013


Utilize your network for good - software/tool to look at your connections in crowdsourcing and show where to focus your efforts...
Brandon Klein Feb 08, 2013

Moxtra - social sharing visually

People are using Moxtra to help master the chaos in their personal and professional lives. Here are some of the ways our users have told us they use…
Brandon Klein Jan 29, 2013

Actual Friends Making the News

Real news.
Brandon Klein Jan 02, 2013


We are a fun-loving team with a laser-like focus on making sure everyone has access to the right person, with the right skill set, at the right time…
Brandon Klein Dec 07, 2012

AgilOne | Cloud-Based Predictive Business Analytics

What are your customers going to do next? Get cloud-based predictive marketing intelligence from AgilOne
Brandon Klein Nov 28, 2012

Amicus - cold call with friend of friend reference

Get Better Results Amicus can triple the efficacy of your fundraising and outreach efforts by allowing your volunteers to easily reach out to their…
Brandon Klein Nov 14, 2012

Social Seating - SeatID for Airlines

SeatID is a social seating solution that allows airline passengers to choose a seatmate based on their social network profiles
Brandon Klein Nov 13, 2012

DataSift | Data On Demand

Brandon Klein Nov 13, 2012