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 Build Your Team
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2015

Better Meetings with a visual timeline

Visual Timeline of Your Meetings With Do, you can easily and delightfully see what you have going on. Meetings, participants, and the important info…
Brandon Klein Jul 31, 2014

Rebels at work

This Rebels at Work community is for corporate rebels to share experiences, insights and advice with other rebels and aspiring rebels.  By rebels…
Brandon Klein Jul 31, 2014


Brandon Klein Jul 15, 2014

Templafy - default templates for all work documents

Actually we just add brains to company templates Templafy automatically and dynamically adapts company templates to each individual employee. That's…
Brandon Klein Jun 30, 2014

Web and services and soluions creator extraordinaire

Ambitious missions need disruptive thinking
Brandon Klein Jun 30, 2014

Custom analytics shouldn't be a pain in the backend.
Brandon Klein May 25, 2014

Global Accelerator Network

It’s good to be GAN. 6 continents, 59 cities, 50 accelerators—1 standard for entrepreneurial excellence. At the Global Accelerator Network, we set…
Brandon Klein May 21, 2014

Thumbtack - Accomplish your personal projects

Accomplish your personal projects
Brandon Klein May 21, 2014

This startup says it can find the algorithm that defines your data

A startup called Emerald Logic claims it uses an evolutionary process to discover the best algorithm for predicting outcomes from any dataset. It…
Brandon Klein May 19, 2014