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The Corporation As You Know It Is Probably Obsolete

By Umair Haque
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2017

90 useful models

Brandon Klein Jul 13, 2016

Holacracy at Zappos: It’s either the future of management or a social experiment gone awry

“The hardest part is operating in two worlds right now,” says Hsieh, who currently sits in 16 circles and holds a few dozen roles including lead link…
Brandon Klein Jan 28, 2015

Is Collaboration Limited by Organizational Structure?

We have found some easy fixes (employee social streams), and discovered devilishly difficult challenges (aligned and coordinated, but still…
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2014

Data as a service platform for web scraping, large-scale data crawling, and structured data delivery

Big data has become essential to closely monitor user sentiments and to respond to the dynamic market. But acquiring it places high technology…
Brandon Klein Nov 27, 2013

Tax on What? Taxonomy on the Intranet | Collaboration 2.0 |

One of the most common intranet complaints expressed from employees to those who manage and maintain the organization’s intranet is, “I can’t find…
Brandon Klein Feb 27, 2011