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An Open Letter to My Fellow Facilitators

This year, my first book about facilitation was published, “Facilitating Collaboration.” (available as a Kindle book now) In the first few pages…
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2017

Five Strategies for Leading a High-Impact Team

Nobody sets out to lead an ineffective team. In fact, leaders agonize over fostering teams that work well together and deliver smart solutions time…
Brandon Klein Nov 22, 2016

Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better

In numerous studies, diversity — both inherent (e.g., race, gender) and acquired (experience, cultural background) — is associated with business…
Brandon Klein Nov 10, 2016

The Atlassian Team Playbook

Our no-bullshit guide to unleashing your team's potential
Brandon Klein Nov 10, 2016

Origins of the Org Chart

Daniel McCallum created the first organization chart in response to the information problem hobbling one of the longest railroads in the world. In…
Brandon Klein May 05, 2016

Hiring the Right People Intelligently

Brandon Klein May 04, 2016

Organizational Spectroscope - questions and email data for team satisfaction

The Organizational Spectroscope combines digital communication data, such as email metadata (e.g., time stamps and headers), with more traditional…
Brandon Klein May 03, 2016

TMBC standout employee engagement app

That’s why TMBC takes an integrated approach to revolutionizing engagement and performance.
Brandon Klein May 03, 2016 - group physical/health challenges app

Count.It hosts physical activity challenges for teams. Challenge your co-workers, your boss, or every other company in town.
Brandon Klein May 02, 2016

New Research Shows Why Focus On Teams, Not Just Leaders, Is Key To Business Performance

Deloitte just launched a study of people challenges in business, Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016, and the results were striking. Among the 7,000+…
Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2016