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The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others

Culture defines any business, but it’s one of the hardest things to manage. In this extract from her new TED Book, Margaret Heffernan lays out the…
Brandon Klein May 21, 2015

Google is tackling the science of how to build excellent teams

Project Oxygen started out as an attempt by Google’s People and Innovation Lab (PiLab) to prove that managers don’t really matter. The internal team…
Brandon Klein Apr 10, 2015

Why Big Teams Suck

In 1957, British naval historian and management satirist Northcote Parkinson painted a cynical picture of a typical committee: It starts with four or…
Brandon Klein Mar 02, 2015

If Teams Are So Great, Why Do We Have So Much Trouble With Them?

In today’s world of business, we have come to consider teams as the default way for almost all work to be managed. However, given that engagement at…
Brandon Klein Jan 25, 2015

Thomas Malone on Building Smarter Teams

 What if you could measure the intelligence of a group? What if you could predict which committees, assigned to design a horse, would end up with a…
Brandon Klein Sep 15, 2014

Why Do We Need Self-Organising Teams?

“The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organising teams”, the Agile Manifesto announces. This raises a few questions:…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Understanding the group dynamics and success of teams

Tackling complex problems often requires coordinated group effort and can consume significant resources, yet our understanding of how teams form and…
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2014

Reality Commons MIT human dynamics lab

 Cell phones have become an important platform for the understanding of social dynamics and influence, because of their pervasiveness, sensing…
Brandon Klein Jun 01, 2014

Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS » Most Significant Change (MSC)

In brief: The most significant change (MSC) technique is a means of “monitoring without indicators” (but can also be used in evaluations)
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2014

Jack Ricchiuto

Jack Ricchiuto is best known across the US and globally for his experience as a writer engaged in shifting conversations to new narratives.
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2014