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Enterprise Work Management from Workfront gives you one place to manage all of the work you do with all of the stakeholders you need

PROJECT & PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Manage tasks, deadlines, and issues in one, easy-to-view space. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Balance the workload and maximize…
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

ThisWay - job matching groups

A Job Matching Web/Mobile App
Brandon Klein Sep 11, 2015

Guru - knowledge management

We believe that the knowledge you need to do your job should be brought to you directly in your workflow, where and when you need it. It sounds…
Brandon Klein Sep 08, 2015

Crowdfund on your own

Crowdfund Without Kickstarter or Indiegogo Host a crowdfunding or pre-order campaign on your own website with two lines of code. Launch Your Product
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2015

Hylo - A new kind of social network that helps real communities create, together.

Discover opportunities all around you. We’re surrounded by incredible people, skills, and resources. But it’s hard to know who to connect with, for…
Brandon Klein Aug 21, 2015

SocioViz. Markets are conversations Analyze social networks and find your influencers

Brandon Klein Aug 21, 2015

Panorama Education - Measure and Act on Feedback

Choose from Research-Based Surveys
Brandon Klein Aug 04, 2015

Socilab - LinkedIn Network Visualization

This site allows users to visualize and analyze their LinkedIn network using methods derived from social-scientific research. Full sample output is…
Brandon Klein Jul 22, 2015

Curata - content supply chain for sites

Content Curation Software (CCS) Fuel Your Content Marketing Engine Discover the best content with our self-learning engine Easily organize and…
Brandon Klein Jul 16, 2015

Instand Video Conferencing

URL and everyone can join.
Brandon Klein Jul 01, 2015