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Big data is better data

Kenneth Cukier is the Data Editor of The Economist. From 2007 to 2012 he was the Tokyo correspondent, and before that, the paper’s technology…
Brandon Klein Oct 06, 2014


Captivate... engage... explain! Amazing videos and presentations created with PowToon
Brandon Klein Sep 23, 2014

Video - machines taking 45% of human jobs

Great 15 minute video showing the future of machines.
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Future of Work - Wakefield

    Why curation will become even more important as the web gets louder     The importance of meaningful work and the changing attitudes around job…
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2014

Social Physics and Meetings - Sandy Pentland

“The intelligence of the individuals didn’t matter.
Brandon Klein May 27, 2014

Storehouse: visual storytelling

Like Medium for visual stories
Brandon Klein May 23, 2014

▶ How Cities are Engineering Serendipity: Greg Lindsay at TEDxDumbo - YouTube

Proximity has the most to do with engineering serendipity. We do a terrible job organizing companies to meet people.     "Journalist Greg Lindsay…
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014

Make Business Video | Animated Video Production |

High End Results Without the Headaches Video Equipment Get started right away
Brandon Klein Mar 13, 2014

▶ RSA Animate - Re-Imagining Work - YouTube

How can we get people more engaged, more productive, and happier at work? Is technology part of the problem -- and could it also be part of the…
Brandon Klein Mar 03, 2014

▶ 1 Giant Leap: What About Me? (2008) - YouTube

Through music and film, "1 Giant Leap" explores the universal complexities of human nature. Jamie Catto (Faithless co-founder) and Duncan Bridgeman…
Brandon Klein Feb 03, 2014