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Blank Canvas

Visual postits online sharing with default canvas like business model canvas and lean startup...
Brandon Klein Oct 20, 2014

Augmedix | Home

Physicians spend hours each day on patient documentation in the Electronic Health Record. logo title Augmedix uses Google Glass to seamlessly push…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2014

Sqwiggle - Remote Working, Collaboration and Communication

Stay Connected
Brandon Klein Apr 30, 2013

HealthCollaborate - clinician communities

HealthCollaborate™ is designed to enable clinicians globally to form/join communities of providers and to securely communicate, exchange patient…
Brandon Klein May 03, 2011

ISHR Scared Dictators and The Mouse | The Inspiration Room

International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) argues that the Internet has become a weapon in defense of Human Rights, which many governments censor,…
Brandon Klein Apr 25, 2011

Virtual Learning Environments

What is a virtual learning environment? Is a website a virtual learning environment? Is it an “online campus”? Does it involve 3D virtual reality?…
Brandon Klein Apr 10, 2011

The Official ASTD Blog | IBM and ProtonMedia Form Joint Development ...

IBM and ProtonMedia have entered into a teaming agreement that will result in the delivery of innovative, 3-D virtual collaboration and communication…
Brandon Klein Apr 06, 2011

ProtonMedia - Virtual Collaboration for Business

ProtonMedia is the leading provider of 3D virtual spaces that are enterprise-ready.. Our flagship product ProtoSphere is a secure, private virtual…
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2011

Location 2012: Death Of The Information Silos

It’s January 2012 and you’ve just gotten your new Android 3.0-based phone. You’re going on a road trip so you start up the newly-released Foursquare.…
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2011

Web Conferencing, Online Meeting, Web Meeting Software | Fuze Meeting

# Collaborate with remote teams
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2011