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City Network Visualizations TED Talk

Brandon Klein Dec 12, 2014

Linkurious - visualize graph data

The easiest way to explore graph databases
Brandon Klein Nov 26, 2014

ClearStory - internal and external data for answers

Enable business users to drive their own data analysis and produce differentiated insights.
Brandon Klein Aug 24, 2014

Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems (

The project is called CEEDS — aka Collective Experience of Empathetic Data Systems — and involves a consortium of 16 different research partners…
Brandon Klein Aug 12, 2014

Journey Builder - 1:1 marketing relationships

Journey Builder empowers you to guide your customers on 1:1 journeys across channels and devices—and deliver premium experiences throughout every…
Brandon Klein Jul 31, 2014

Alchemy - graph visualization open source

Alchemy.js is a graph drawing application built almost entirely in d3.
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2014

Business Intelligence - analytics in one friendly dashboard

Finally, Business Analytics Open for Business Users
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2014

About | Quadrigram

Features & benefits
Brandon Klein May 06, 2014


Step into a whole new world of entertainment.
Brandon Klein Apr 04, 2014

KeyLines Network Visualization: Cutting-edge data visualization software-

KeyLines Network Visualization KeyLines is a toolkit for visualizing the networks in your data. By exploring these networks, you will be able to…
Brandon Klein Mar 28, 2014