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How it works

Pick the topic


Choose your first 10 people


Privately send out 1 email 
Watch your network grow
Analyze Results
Empower true change 
Use open source People Science approaches to drive impact




Pick the topic: 

Creating jobs in Cincinnati: Caring citizens sought to identify innovators and ecosystem builders to improve the city of Cincinnati

Choose your first 10 people:

Diverse community leaders: These initial people represented different business and interest areas. They were known to be influential, but hailing from completely different parts of the city 

Privately send out 1 email

Create a forward'able email: The text of the email is critical since it will be forwarded to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people and needs to provide clear instructions

Watch your network grow

Provide instant gratification: Enable the ability for each person who forwards the email to instantly see a 'social graph' of how everyone is connected

scaling communities animated gif.gif 


Analyze results 

Network growth: Almost 500 people interested in helping the city that were already experienced ecosystem builders entered the social graph

scaling clevelend.png

This is the social graph created from just one initial email

Empower true change

Purpose and data: Organizers know:

  • How everyone knows each other (influence) 
  • Specific area of interest & skills to help the city succeed
  • Photo and contact info
  • Other project specific info collected in the survey 

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