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Press Release: Announcing Advanced Collaboration for Peace Project

Connecting people to create great change, one peace oriented problem solver at a time. Collaboration.Ai is partnering with an esteemed group of…
Meredith Klein May 10, 2017

Presenting a New Way of Understanding the News

Imagine if you could see the way the world is interconnected. News Explorer makes this possible by channeling IBM Watson's Alchemy News…
Brandon Klein Jan 26, 2016

10 best networking tips

Here are the ten networking tips that bring success: If Connecting Seems Hard, Start By Re-Connecting Move Your Desk Find Your “Superconnectors”…
Brandon Klein Aug 25, 2014

How to Find the Best Connected Individual in Your Social Network

The study of networks has exploded in recent years. Network scientists have measured, simulated, kicked and prodded almost every social network under…
Brandon Klein Jun 30, 2014

Enterprise API Management | Digital Strategy | App Services | Apigee

Business at Digital Speed & Scale
Brandon Klein May 05, 2014

LikeBright | We Met Through Friends

LikeBright has the best method for introducing couples for relationships that is available. Period."
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2013

Building Networks - Network Weaving

This transition from network weaver to network facilitator is critical. The weaver is identifying and mentoring new weavers who will eventually take…
Brandon Klein Mar 05, 2013

Who Influences Decision-Making in your Organization?

What do the decision-making links reveal about this organization? Some advice flows along formal ties [within the hierarchy], while other advice…
Brandon Klein Feb 22, 2013

Using Social Network Analysis [SNA] to find the Go-To People

Finding Go-To People and Subject Matter Experts [SME]
Brandon Klein Feb 22, 2013

The Power of Networks | World Economic Forum - The Power of Networks

Nowadays, any organization should employ network scientists/analysts who are able to map and analyse complex systems that are of importance to the…
Brandon Klein Feb 13, 2013