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The Future of Consulting: PART ONE - Collaboration Capital and Tools - Collabora...

1) Flexible to a fault 
Brandon Klein May 05, 2011

Wikinomics – Design charrettes for platform projects

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who introduced me to the concept of design charrettes (no, it’s not a classy version of Chat Roulette). A…
Brandon Klein Apr 10, 2011

Digital Solutions Agency - Universal Mind

Universal Mind started out of necessity. It was the result of our commitment to clients who were facing the broken promises of others. We met those…
Brandon Klein Apr 03, 2011

Otto Scharmer's Blog

Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer at MIT and founding chair of the Presencing Institute. He is the author of the book Theory U: Leading from the…
Brandon Klein Apr 02, 2011

Zepheira – The Art of Data

Zepheira helps businesses link fragmented data sources into easily searched wholes."
Brandon Klein Mar 22, 2011

RedMonk - Analysis for the people, by the people

RedMonk is the first analyst firm built on open source. We’re dedicated to providing high quality research at no cost, and believe that the dialog…
Brandon Klein Mar 09, 2011

Master Facilitator Journal: Free ezine for Facilitators & Group Leaders

I'm Steve Davis, Founder of, the virtual university for professional facilitators, trainers, and group leaders, and publisher of the…
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2011

All Collaboration -

Focusing on collaboration, we offer points-of-view, original research, reviews of products and services, interviews with industry luminaries, and the…
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2011

Creating Collaboration Takes More Than Technology - BusinessWeek

Creating Collaboration Takes More Than Technology
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2011

Premier investing $86M to predict health reform's impact on hospitals ...

Premier, which currently analyzes discharge information from 600 nonprofit hospitals, will expand its patient level data collection activities to…
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2011