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Consulting Pulse: Turn your LinkedIn account into a powerful revenue generating ...

Turn your LinkedIn account into a powerful revenue generating tool!
Brandon Klein Feb 20, 2011

Beware Social Media Snake Oil - BusinessWeek

Hordes of marketing "experts" are promoting the value of wikis, social networks, and blogs. All the hype may obscure the real potential of these…
Brandon Klein Feb 15, 2011

Projjix – The Consulting Marketplace

Revolutionizing How Companies Find and Engage Consultants
Brandon Klein Feb 13, 2011

Rubicon Consulting - Expert Advisors for Solving Complex Business Problems

Unexpected Gems
Brandon Klein Feb 09, 2011

Winning Workplaces

Winning Workplaces is a nonprofit committed to helping small and midsize organizations create high-performance workplaces.
Brandon Klein Feb 08, 2011

Fiona Czerniawska - arkimeda - books and articles

Fiona Czerniawska is the founder and managing director of Arkimeda. She is one of the world's leading authorities on the consulting industry, and the…
Brandon Klein Feb 07, 2011

Omakase Group

Omakase Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in designing and facilitating multi-day workshops that allow the potential of an…
Brandon Klein Feb 04, 2011

GBN Global Business Network

GBN helps organizations adapt and grow in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world. Using our leading-edge tools and expertise—scenario planning,…
Brandon Klein Jan 30, 2011

Altimeter Welcomes New Partners « Altimeter Group : A Holistic Approach To Emerg...

Altimeter Group provides thought leadership, research, and consulting on digital strategies, with a core focus on how companies can leverage social…
Brandon Klein Jan 27, 2011

Winning Workplaces | About Us

Winning Workplaces is a not-for-profit providing consulting, training and information to help small and midsize organizations create great…
Brandon Klein Jan 21, 2011