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Deming, Quality, Forms, Assessment and Tom Peters

W. Edwards Deming, the quality guru-of-gurus, called the standard evaluation process the worst of management de-motivators. I don’t disagree. For…
Brandon Klein Jun 30, 2014

Big Think Edge Training & Development

Cool. Will pass him along and recommend talking asap: Drew Krejci - real nice guy, but lives in a tough political climate here
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2014 the whiteboard | Designing People-friendly Organizations

dschool stanford
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014

Why Encouraging Employees To Be Entrepreneurs Can Create An Incredible Place To Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Once upon a time, companies frowned on employees having second jobs (or even serious hobbies). The fear was that it would distract people from their…
Brandon Klein Jan 20, 2014

Gapingvoid | "Hugh MacLeod" Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards

“If you’re trying to change your business’ culture, you should be talking to us.”
Brandon Klein Nov 25, 2013

Watch "The Boost Revolution, Expanding Possibilities for Business: CV Harquail at TEDxHoboken" Video at TEDxTalks

CV Harquail, PhD, is an entrepreneur of insights who works at the intersection of organizational change, leadership and social technology. She helps…
Brandon Klein Nov 22, 2013

Three Things that Actually Motivate Employees - Harvard Business Review - Harvard Business Review

Mastery: Help people develop deep skills. Stretch goals show faith that people can shape the future rather than being victimized by it, and find…
Brandon Klein Oct 25, 2013