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Forget your skills and disrupt

Every great advanced collaborator has a skill or attribute that makes him or her unique. I have an American colleague whose special skill is moral…
Brandon Klein Nov 29, 2017

Storytelling for Employee Success

What is so important about storytelling? Why should 40 people tasked with designing a customer relationship management system for 5,000 employees…
Brandon Klein Nov 07, 2017

Beginners background to Graphic Facilitation

An essential element of advanced collaboration and helping people achieve their strategic network is graphic facilitation – the real-time translation…
Brandon Klein Oct 24, 2017

Quick Guide to Defining Popular Types of Facilitation

Advanced collaboration relies on a skilled implementer or facilitator. And while there are a great many talented facilitators out there, most have a…
Brandon Klein Sep 09, 2017

Methods for Facilitative and Transformational Leaders

The Technology of Participation is a constellation of life understandings and methods that value inclusive participation and profound respect in a…
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2017

Join Us in Facilitating for Peace

Photo courtesy of Peace Resource Project In searching for a rallying cry to help make sense of these current times, not surprisingly, I was drawn to…
Meredith Klein Apr 28, 2017

An Open Letter to my Friends Organizing & Designing of Conferences

I love exploring a new conference; from my first year in Davos as a DV (Davos Virgin), to the mammoth Vegas pharma convention-stage, to sipping tea…
Brandon Klein Apr 19, 2017

An Open Letter to My Fellow Facilitators

This year, my first book about facilitation was published, “Facilitating Collaboration.” (available as a Kindle book now) In the first few pages…
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2017

Inside C.Ai

Meredith Klein Feb 27, 2017

MethodKit - facilitation cards for every type of event

We provide the framework, you take care of the details
Brandon Klein Feb 07, 2016