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Beginners background to Graphic Facilitation

An essential element of advanced collaboration and helping people achieve their strategic network is graphic facilitation – the real-time translation…
Brandon Klein Oct 24, 2017

Platform as a business model

A premise: the story of Platform Design Toolkit from 2013 to today
Brandon Klein Dec 15, 2015 - The Global Store For Digital Things

great graphics for 1-3 dollars directly downloadable. great for web and ppt
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2011

Bulkr - Download Flickr photos in bulk (Mac, Windows & Linux)

Download Flickr photos in bulk.
Brandon Klein Mar 15, 2011


Creation of a knowledge wall
Brandon Klein Mar 04, 2011

22 Most Amazing Maps Changing How We See The World : TreeHugger

Maps. They make everything a little bit better. They have the capacity to turn confusing, nebulous, and unimaginable information into visual…
Brandon Klein Feb 22, 2011

Rohdesign | Designer Mike Rohde

Hello, I'm Mike Rohde. Mike RohdeI'm a designer, art director and blogger living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a passion for simple, effective and…
Brandon Klein Jan 08, 2011

The Grove Consultants International » New Strategic Visioning Agenda Planning Kit

we foster ideas that inspire action
Brandon Klein Jan 05, 2011