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Social networks push runners to run further and faster than their friends

The study offers some of the first hard evidence that health-related habits can spread — and so perhaps could be deliberately seeded and encouraged —…
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2017

Cognitive Authority & Influence

Intelligence versus Reputation
Brandon Klein May 27, 2014

The Influencer checklist

☐ Personal motivation: If people don’t find the behavior appealing, how can we get them to try it (or at least have them experience the benefits…
Brandon Klein May 23, 2014

Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence - Communication Skills Training from

Influencing others is challenging, which is why it's worth understanding the psychological principles behind the influencing process.
Brandon Klein Jul 08, 2013

How to Influence the Influencers: Ask for Their Advice - Little Bird

“New research shows that advice seeking is a surprisingly effective strategy for exercising influence when we lack authority. In one experiment,…
Brandon Klein Apr 30, 2013

This Is How Your Brain Deals With Google And Facebook Ads

This is the reality of advertising in 2013. Online advertising has quickly transformed from mass media irrelevance to pop-up annoyance to heavily…
Brandon Klein Feb 21, 2013

The Standard for Online and Internet Influence | Klout

Klout is the standard for influence. We believe that every individual who creates content has influence. Our goal is to accurately measure that…
Brandon Klein Mar 29, 2011

Viralogy - Social Media Rank

Discover new blogs, promote your personal brand, and find out who is the most influential person online
Brandon Klein Feb 06, 2011