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Summarizing 10 years of Collaboration Writings/Findings

I have been writing about collaboration for almost 15 years online. Initially through a personal site and then a blog. In the spirit of advancing…
Brandon Klein Sep 26, 2018

43 Company Culture Improvement Ideas (That Actually Work)

Company culture is shaped through your daily work rituals. Habits that set the social and behavioral norms that go onto hone your company’s unique…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2017

Design thinking origin story plus some of the people who made it all happen

Recently design thinking has gained momentum in the business world through mentions in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes publications. As a…
Brandon Klein Jan 11, 2017

Five Strategies for Leading a High-Impact Team

Nobody sets out to lead an ineffective team. In fact, leaders agonize over fostering teams that work well together and deliver smart solutions time…
Brandon Klein Nov 22, 2016

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

1. “Call me Trim Tab”
Brandon Klein Nov 10, 2016

Relationship Capital: 4 (and a half) scientific studies to help you be a better networker

1. Teamwork isn’t just for the cavalry. Dynamics in the boardroom play out across levels of organizational trust and directly affect company…
Brandon Klein Nov 10, 2016

Slack Workspace Manifesto

Slack Workspace Manifesto
Brandon Klein Jun 20, 2016

What skills does the future workforce need?

Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2016 - matching startups with large organizations

Thousands of Startups &Hundreds of Enterprises
Brandon Klein Jan 26, 2016

Centre for Facilitation

Welcome to The Centre For Facilitation
Brandon Klein Nov 21, 2014