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Epic Collaboration

Epic Collaboration is an open knowledge system that connects inspiration with actionable frameworks, approaches and the people behind them.
Brandon Klein Jun 11, 2014

Development Impact and You - diy design and facilitate toolkit

The tools are not coming out of thin air. It draws on a study of many hundreds of tools currently being used – here we have included only the ones…
Brandon Klein May 23, 2014

The Future of Marketing -- and Next Generation Social Science: A Visit to the Center for Advanced Modeling | Christopher Meyer

We began with a five-step argument (see chart below):
Brandon Klein Apr 25, 2014 the whiteboard | Designing People-friendly Organizations

dschool stanford
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014

Is Collaboration Limited by Organizational Structure?

We have found some easy fixes (employee social streams), and discovered devilishly difficult challenges (aligned and coordinated, but still…
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2014

Tools – Development Impact and You

look ahead
Brandon Klein Mar 05, 2014

How Always Being Busy Makes You Dumber | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

What’s at work here is scarcity--perceiving that you don’t having enough of something--and the way it affects our thinking. As Harvard economist…
Brandon Klein Feb 25, 2014

▶ Art of Hosting - The Chaordic Path - YouTube

This video gives an introduction to the Chaordic Path, which is an important aspect within the Art of Hosting.
Brandon Klein Nov 06, 2013

Service Design Tools | Communication methods supporting design processes

An open collection of communication used in design processes that deal with complex systems. The tools are displayed according to the design act they…
Brandon Klein Jun 20, 2013

The magic of good process design | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

Many participants at the Young Global Leader events comment on the seamless nature of their experience, but I have rarely had a conversation about…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2013