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Collaboration Success Depends on FUN

The CEO of Undercurrent and author of ‘Game Frame’ talks about how to make life more interesting and engaging through the use of game mechanics. In…
Brandon Klein May 18, 2011

Murderboarding: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy

This book represents some of the best collaborative thinking available today. It is similar to many of our PATTERN LANGUAGE articles. Especially;…
Brandon Klein Oct 22, 2009

Fibonacci And The Golden Collaboration Ratio

Fibonacci Ratio: the special ratio that can be used to describe the proportions of everything from nature's smallest building blocks (atoms,) to the…
Brandon Klein Oct 02, 2009

Social Capital Definitions:

The key to understanding what motivates people. The need to re-learn how to work together, how to collaborate together. The need to give and receive…
Brandon Klein Sep 05, 2008

People “Own” and “Support” What They Help Create

Ownership. It would be a bit cheeky if we didn't pass some ownership to our readers. Use the commenting system below or e-mail us at:…
Brandon Klein Feb 06, 2008

Symbolic Action Exercise

DESCRIPTION: People often discount the value of symbols: a symbolic gesture may be dismissed as not substantial, something for show only. Yet it is…
Brandon Klein Apr 12, 2007

Appropriate Decision Making

Problem “The ability to spot the right problems and then formulate them correctly is the critical skill that all workers, managers, and top…
Brandon Klein Oct 02, 2006

The only way to create calm is to feel calm. --Robert Rubin

You can’t dance with a pole up your butt. Relax! “The only way to create calm is to feel calm.” --Robert Rubin  
Brandon Klein Apr 30, 2006

Don’t be the Process Police, Be the Double Agent

Now lets collaborate. Help us populate this topic with your collaboration experience! Use the commenting system below or e-mail us at:…
Brandon Klein Apr 24, 2006

Trust Equals Intimacy Divided by Risk

Trust = intimacy/risk   How about the reverse: Don't Trust Me. Or the unknowing: In God We Trust. How can we balance these three factors? Problem…
Brandon Klein Apr 18, 2006