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Being Smart About Signal vs. Noise

I believe that the single most important role an advanced collaborator can play to ensure value capture is to stay focused on the difference between…
Brandon Klein Jul 11, 2018

Growth Mindset Revisit

I already have it, and I always have. People often confuse a growth mindset with being flexible or open-minded or with having a positive outlook —…
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

Design Thinking, or Design Faking?

The core ambition of design thinking was to formalize the process of design, in order to give the capability to apply this principle to all kinds of…
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

Visual Machine Learned Patterns

Images about the same from google maps
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

You're More Biased Than You Think

Even the most open-minded person harbors a lot of unconscious biases. Here's how to start recognizing and eliminating them.
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2014

Tracklight - ip protection

We're the only self-guided software platform that creates your custom intellectual property (IP) strategy.
Brandon Klein Aug 27, 2014

Even Just the Presence of a Smartphone Lowers the Quality of In-Person Conversations

“Even without active use, the presence of mobile technologies has the potential to divert individuals from face-to-face exchanges, thereby…
Brandon Klein Jul 26, 2014

Play Tetris, Get a More Efficient & Thicker Brain | 80beats | Discover Magazine

The small study was conducted by neuroscientist Richard Haier, who was one of the first neuroscientists to explore the effects of video games on the…
Brandon Klein Jan 25, 2011

Symbolic Action Exercise

DESCRIPTION: People often discount the value of symbols: a symbolic gesture may be dismissed as not substantial, something for show only. Yet it is…
Brandon Klein Apr 12, 2007

Common Patterns, Unique Solutions, Solutions in Context

Now lets collaborate. Help us populate this topic with your collaboration experience! Use the commenting system below or e-mail us at:…
Brandon Klein Nov 03, 2005