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Global Accelerator Network

It’s good to be GAN. 6 continents, 59 cities, 50 accelerators—1 standard for entrepreneurial excellence. At the Global Accelerator Network, we set…
Brandon Klein May 21, 2014

Social collaboration that works

How to turn your Social Collaboration initiative into a success and into an enabler of strategic value? By having a look at the challenges, best…
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2014

Social CRM Simplified. | Turn Communities into Customers.

Your relationships make or break your business success. They are harder than ever to manage in our noisy world. We built Nimble to smartly manage…
Brandon Klein Feb 10, 2014

Startup Funding & Angel Investing - Gust

The Global Platform for Startup Funding Over 1,800 startups funded in the last 12 months
Brandon Klein Jan 20, 2014

The Berkana Institute

For twenty years, The Berkana Institute has worked in friendship and partnership with people around the world who are discovering that there is no…
Brandon Klein Oct 14, 2013

[1308.5015] The Simple Rules of Social Contagion

It is commonly believed that information spreads between individuals like a pathogen, with each exposure by an informed friend potentially resulting…
Brandon Klein Sep 14, 2013

Using Social Network Analysis [SNA] to find the Go-To People

 Finding Go-To People and Subject Matter Experts [SME]
Brandon Klein Feb 22, 2013

QuantiaMD - Practical Medicine for Practicing Physicians

Medical practice is changing. Doctors are under pressure to deliver better outcomes at lower cost.
Brandon Klein Oct 31, 2012

Little Bird

Connect with Top Experts
Brandon Klein Aug 07, 2011

Zao - Hire well, fast! - Social Recruiting and Employee Referral Program Managem...

You love referral hires, but your referral bonus program is limited to your employees. That leaves out ex-employees, vendors and your entire trusted…
Brandon Klein Jul 02, 2011