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Quick Guide to Defining Popular Types of Facilitation

Advanced collaboration relies on a skilled implementer or facilitator. And while there are a great many talented facilitators out there, most have a…
Brandon Klein Sep 09, 2017

Systems Practice Workbook

This workbook is ideal for people working on complex problems across any fi eld of social change who want to make sustainable social impact, whether…
Brandon Klein Aug 12, 2017

Ai & Peeragogy

Combine these and you have something interesting:
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2017

If a pin drops in our network we want to know about it

The venture firm Andreessen Horowitz is a great example of an organization that uses an ecosystem mindset to great effect. Other than those…
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

Future of AI learning

The need for creating meticulously designed training programs will be gone — (Some compliance programs may still be around.) Communities of…
Brandon Klein May 03, 2016

TMBC standout employee engagement app

That’s why TMBC takes an integrated approach to revolutionizing engagement and performance.
Brandon Klein May 03, 2016

Formal Learning a Total Waste - JAY CROSS – Pushing the Envelope to the End

Jay’s contribution to the field of organisational learning was huge. He made us think hard about the edges of our profession. When many were fretting…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2015

The L&D world is splitting in two

The second group of L&D professionals – that I refer to as Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) practitioners – understand the realities of the new world…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2015

School for Health & Care Radicals

Anyone who wants to bring about change has to be ready to break the rules. But in health and social care, that can be really difficult. The art of…
Brandon Klein Oct 12, 2015

Culture Training & Education DECK

“Out of control!” This is what I hear over and over, when I ask people about their processes. Despite the best of intentions, planning and execution…
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2015