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Options For Better Virtual Collaboration

 We get asked all the time how best to apply our advanced collaboration techniques online or virtually. There are so many choices of ways to do this,…
Brandon Klein Aug 28, 2018

This pioneering tech company figured how to make work-from-home work

A decade-plus of experimentation has led Automattic to its current set of tools:
Brandon Klein Nov 11, 2016


Better than working in the same room Collaborative screen sharing + Multiple mouse cursors + Voice chat
Brandon Klein Jul 23, 2014


Step into a whole new world of entertainment.
Brandon Klein Apr 04, 2014

Making Virtual Teams Work: Ten Basic Principles - Michael Watkins - Harvard Business Review

1. Get the team together physically early-on.
Brandon Klein Jun 27, 2013

Simplify BYOD - Workspot

TAKE CONTROL FOR FREE Make your team productive on their personal devices.
Brandon Klein May 01, 2013

Sqwiggle - Remote Working, Collaboration and Communication

Stay Connected
Brandon Klein Apr 30, 2013

Theory Maps - connect all articles

Traditional Scientific Articles:
Brandon Klein Jan 11, 2013

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Awesome Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers

7 Awesome Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers
Brandon Klein Nov 12, 2012

3D web conferencing, video conferencing, online meetings and realtime collaboration

You everyday live in a 3D environment which is human beings natural environment. It has thus developped reflexes for this 3D environment, like…
Brandon Klein Jan 12, 2011