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The Future of Work Is

Nearly 70% of workers are disengaged. Not a few, not some: the majority. One in every two employees that quit their job do so because they’re tired…
Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2016

The future of work is to freelance within an organisation – choose your task, assemble to work, then dissolve

In those days, the role of the individual was to follow instructions. That’s why you often had big binders full of instructions at large companies…
Brandon Klein Sep 30, 2015

The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed On Networks, Connections, and Relationships By Jeff Goins

Hemingway, Paris, and Enduring Work
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

The Future Of Work

1) Work becomes more about meaning and impact than repeatable tasks.
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

Where Web Content Meets True Network Intelligence An essay on the future of information networks and ‘socialized’ media…

Global brands are hiring less and less agencies to do their marketing, advertising and outreach for them, and are instead exploring the intersections…
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

Culture Training & Education DECK

“Out of control!” This is what I hear over and over, when I ask people about their processes. Despite the best of intentions, planning and execution…
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2015

Future of Work - Thought Leaders

People spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. So it’s no surprise that in a fast-changing world, the workplace is transforming. As part…
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2015

Hylo - A new kind of social network that helps real communities create, together.

Discover opportunities all around you. We’re surrounded by incredible people, skills, and resources. But it’s hard to know who to connect with, for…
Brandon Klein Aug 21, 2015

Developing a Method for Measuring "Working Out Loud"

Enterprise social network software platforms (ESNs) are increasingly being deployed in firms across almost every industry as a means of fostering…
Brandon Klein Mar 02, 2015

Unevenly Distributed Signals From The Future Of Work

Brandon Klein Sep 15, 2014