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“The future is made of yous, it is made of encounters, because life flows through our relations with others...” - Pope Francis TED Talk 2017 

Through our unique lens of big data, we know that it is the power of each and every person that holds the key to our collective futures. That by learning, knowing, understanding and connecting with each other, we will create a better world for our future generations.

On our collaborative journey, we have had the unique opportunity to meet, work with and learn from an esteemed group of individuals, who focus every day on using their skills to facilitate peace. Inspired by their humble dedication, we are thrilled to announce our Advanced Collaboration for Peace Project (ACFP).

Meet our Partners:

Rana Abo Amra (CairoArab League Facilitator)

Muhammad Abushaqra (Lebanon/SyriaPublic Policy Lawyer & Facilitator) 

Kumar Manish (IndiaWorld Peace Initiative & UNICEF Facilitator) 

Renee Black, Founder of the charity PeaceGeeks.Org (Middle East & North Africafacilitates local organizations to improve impact)


Our Commitment to the Future:

As leaders of the Collaboration Revolution we believe in the power of connectivity and relationships and we know that skilled facilitation can help guide us toward positive solutions. Through the Advanced Collaboration for Peace Project, we aim to offer a supported voice to individuals in our partner’s home countries of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and India, seeking to positively impact our future through better collaboration. We are dedicated to providing funding on the ground, coaching from our network of top facilitators, access to our Ai platform and use of our database to ensure critical connections. Learn more about the project and partnership on our blog.