50 New Features

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For 2 years, we have been releasing new features almost weekly. Let's look at some highlights from our releases this Summer.

Meet People

It's just a button... but it ensures that every person gets the name of the 3 'best' people to meet. Quite simply, we look across all data, compare it to other people who have met in the past and then make a recommendation for each person at your gathering. 


Relationship Makers 

Want your participants to get a custom question or icebreaker? Make sure you turn on the NY Times or Relationship Maker addition. Based on each person's answer, we tailor one of the 2,000 "best questions" from the NY Times list or from our very own Relationship Makers


Registration Display

When you ask people to fill in information and identify how they are connected to others, sometimes there are duplicate names or people need a reminder of how they know someone. Now you can display individual emails during our login to solve this problem. 


Select Network Question to Display 

Have multiple network science questions and want to only display one of them to your participants? Now you can select exactly which one to display.


Create custom PDFs 

Even though we all want to be environmentally friendly, sometimes it is just better to print out the statistics/maps for your participants. Now you can choose what you want displayed, and create PDFs in real time. 


Close Survey 

Simply prevent anyone else from filling in a survey with just the click of a button. 




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