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Meredith Klein

Meredith believes that intelligent collaboration will lead to solutions for the betterment of our collective future. As a woman, an experienced marketing professional, an online gift boutique founder, a mom and co-founder of an artificial intelligence software technology - Meredith, has spent most of her life connecting people with ideas, people with resources, people with brands and ultimately; people with people.
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Press Release: Announcing Advanced Collaboration for Peace Project

Connecting people to create great change, one peace oriented problem solver at a time. Collaboration.Ai is partnering with an esteemed group of…
Meredith Klein May 10, 2017

The Future of Learning with Ai

"The activity is called “asks” and “offers”: At any given moment, there is something you need to know, learn or accomplish. Simultaneously, you…
Meredith Klein May 10, 2017

Join Us in Facilitating for Peace

Photo courtesy of Peace Resource Project In searching for a rallying cry to help make sense of these current times, not surprisingly, I was drawn to…
Meredith Klein Apr 28, 2017

5 Minutes to Revolutionize Your Team

If you’re eager to create high performing teams, this tutorial will prove to be five minutes very well spent; or 4 minutes and 33 seconds to be…
Meredith Klein Apr 03, 2017

Inside C.Ai

Meredith Klein Feb 27, 2017

Community building starts with a shared jar of butter

Under the banner of ‘Friendship Treats’, my daughter’s teacher sought to do something special to celebrate the harvest season and honor the children…
Meredith Klein Feb 13, 2017