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Scaling Agile: Fractals of Innovation

Scaling agile means that we apply its principles to large, even very large, groups of people. When we do this, we allow those people to be more…
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2017

Job story, not user story

Here are 5 tips which will help when writing Job Stories:
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

The Problem with Business Communications

How do you spend your time at work?
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

Enterprise Work Management from Workfront gives you one place to manage all of the work you do with all of the stakeholders you need

PROJECT & PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Manage tasks, deadlines, and issues in one, easy-to-view space. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Balance the workload and maximize…
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

Lean Innovation Management — Making Corporate Innovation Work

I’ve been working with large companies and the U.S. government to help them innovate faster– not just kind of fast, but 10x the number of initiatives…
Brandon Klein Jul 01, 2015

Forget Lean and Agile. It’s Time to Be Anticipatory

We are all good at reacting and responding, putting out fires, and crisis management. In addition, organizations large and small have learned how to…
Brandon Klein Mar 30, 2015

Why Do We Need Self-Organising Teams?

“The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organising teams”, the Agile Manifesto announces. This raises a few questions:…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Thinking Tools for Scaling Frameworks

Scaling agile is a hot topic these days. Frameworks like LESS (LargE Scale Scrum), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery)…
Brandon Klein May 18, 2014

A proposed agile systems engineering manifesto

As presented at INCOSE UK ASEC 2013. This is a proposal for modification to the agile manifesto and principles to make them fit for purpose for…
Brandon Klein Jan 20, 2014

The secret to Amazon’s cloud success might be Jeff Bezos’ corporate culture — Tech News and Analysis

PowerPoint presentations have no place in those meetings, either. (The idea is that slide shows are a bad way to consume analytical information, as…
Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2013