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Join Us in Facilitating for Peace

Photo courtesy of Peace Resource Project In searching for a rallying cry to help make sense of these current times, not surprisingly, I was drawn to…
Meredith Klein Apr 28, 2017

Ai & Peeragogy

Combine these and you have something interesting:
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2017

The Corporation As You Know It Is Probably Obsolete

By Umair Haque
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2017

The Secret of Buckminister Fuller’s World-Changing Ideas Was Serendipity

In his 2016 book, You Belong to the Universe, Jonathon Keats sets out to release Buckminister Fuller from “the zany sci-fi designs that made him…
Brandon Klein Feb 20, 2017

Creating Teams

Notes on:
Brandon Klein Feb 23, 2016

In the Company of Givers and Takers

Every day, employees make decisions about whether to act like givers or like takers. When they act like givers, they contribute to others without…
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2015

New Book, Ilkka Kakko: "Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era: How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You to Success"

It will describe the revolutionary change in our society and busi- ness fields that produces a transforming effect also on our innovation…
Brandon Klein Feb 11, 2015

Fierce Conversations - leadership and development training

leadership development and training
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2014

Herein a 737-page “Freebie”: EXCELLENCE. NO EXCUSES. 74 Ways to Launch Your Journey. Now. (And Then There’s Also “MOAP”)

Last October I wandered across a little item on the topic of “overcoming resistance to change.” As happens in life, that phrase turned out to be the…
Brandon Klein Jun 10, 2014

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Brandon Klein Mar 17, 2014