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Trying to Understand Collaboration Satisfaction

Workshops and conferences frequently end with a short satisfaction survey being circulated among the participants. I rarely use these surveys since I…
Brandon Klein Aug 24, 2018

Design Thinking, or Design Faking?

The core ambition of design thinking was to formalize the process of design, in order to give the capability to apply this principle to all kinds of…
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

HourlyNerd - mba consultants online

Flexible and direct access to the world's best consultants Get started today. or
Brandon Klein Nov 16, 2014

The Holes of Holocracy

The idea was invented in 2007 by Brian Robertson, a software engineer then in his late twenties. Holacracy’s “constitution” is now on version 4.0,…
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2014

Aarrr!! Talk Like a Rebel | Rebels at Work

Burning Platform: Call the Fire Department! This phrase was born out of the belief that people will resist change until you give them a compelling…
Brandon Klein May 06, 2014

Cognitive Edge Network

Independent consultants: Complement your consulting toolkit with unique & novel techniques based on Complexity Science and Narrative You work with…
Brandon Klein Mar 04, 2014

Wikistrat · Crowdsourced Consulting

Wikistrat is the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy. It leverages a global network of subject-matter experts via a patent pending crowdsourcing…
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2013

Icosystem - mapping complex organizations

Icosystem combines expertise in human behavior & decision-making with simulation and optimization techniques inspired by complexity science and…
Brandon Klein Jul 22, 2013

BuzzPhraser (tm)

BuzzPhrases are built with TechnoLatin, a non-language that replaces plain English nouns with vague but precise-sounding substitutes. In TechnoLatin,…
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2013

The Future of Consulting: PART ONE

The consultant of the future will have to possess characteristics not considered standard in today’s… PowerPoint, hide behind email and corporate…
Brandon Klein May 31, 2011