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Innovation Via Product Hunt & Network Science

Many (tech related) companies release their latest products on Product Hunt. Boasting 10 million active monthly users or ‘hunters’, it is hands down…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2017

LIVE on -> Upvote to Show Your Love!

And we're live, with the fastest, smartest way to improve networking; our very own Quick Connectors!
Meredith Klein Aug 03, 2017

5 Minutes to Learn How Well Your Team is Truly Connected (pretty pictures included)

Do you ever wonder what latent talent or after-hours interests linger among your team mates? Some people are fabulous at sharing or even over-sharing…
Meredith Klein Jul 26, 2017

Visualize Your Network, Beyond Social Media

“When we can see a richer, more accurate, more three-dimensional world… we will come to understand the rich variety of network structures and…
Meredith Klein Jul 19, 2017

19,530 people connected in 1 day ... how do you network?

You've heard over and over that your relationships, your networks, are the key to career success. Yet, when given the opportunity to network in the…
Brandon Klein Jun 23, 2017

Speed Networking with Long Term Success

Advanced Collaboration is about taking our everyday work and interpersonal dealings, along with our desire for connectivity, and thoughtfully pairing…
Meredith Klein Jun 13, 2017

The Future of Learning with Ai

"The activity is called “asks” and “offers”: At any given moment, there is something you need to know, learn or accomplish. Simultaneously, you…
Meredith Klein May 10, 2017

Open Letter to My Organizational Network Analysis Friends

I discovered Network Analysis and its derivations only 5 years ago, yet it has been life changing. Since then, I have sought out and used most every…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2017