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What is your #workshadow?

Happy New Year!
Brandon Klein Jan 15, 2019

Intelligently connect your employees, partners and customers to drive greater performance

Is it worth engineering participants when you bring partners, customers and employees together at one the 11+ million events a year?
Brandon Klein Dec 07, 2018

Blockchain, DApps, Collaboration & You

Just getting people to collaborate when they are face-to-face can be hard enough. But how about as collaboration gets more and more sophisticated.…
Brandon Klein Oct 29, 2018

Options For Better Virtual Collaboration

We get asked all the time how best to apply our advanced collaboration techniques online or virtually. There are so many choices of ways to do this,…
Brandon Klein Aug 28, 2018

5 Principles of Effective Collaboration

The web is full of lists. Any kind of list. All lists for all things can be found within an instant. Every once in a while you come across a list so…
Brandon Klein Feb 02, 2011

Meeting Scheduling: Time-a-Wasted

Despite the availability of efficient online scheduling tools, professionals burn up nearly five hours per week scheduling meetings, according to a…
Brandon Klein Dec 01, 2010

The Evolution of Collaboration

Collaborative interactions have actually reversed over the years, decades and even centuries. We started out around round-tables and camp-fires. The…
Brandon Klein Oct 06, 2009